The National Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy, a group of Mohamed Morsi supporters, has called Egyptians to join a mass demonstration in Cairo on Friday under the slogan “together, against the bloody military coup”, which ousted Mohamed Morsi as president.

Mohamed Morsi Islamists Supporters Call for Mass Protest On Friday

The coalition criticized the constitutional declaration issued by the interim administration and the government that is expected to be announced soon.

It said that the struggle to “return the peaceful revolution” will not stop and vowed to die for the cause and to “restore dignity”.

The coalition has been holding demonstrations against the army’s ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi for a week.

On Wednesday, Islamists marched from Rabaa al-Adaweya Mosque to the presidential palace demaing that Mohamed Morsi be re-instated as president.

Unknown assailants kill Egyptian conscript in Sinai

A Central Security conscript was killed by unknown assailants at one of the checkpoints in Sinai’s Rafah on Thursday morning.

Police sources said that Islam Ramadan Saeed, 22, was in the middle of his duty when a group of suspects approached him from behind the barbed wire.

The victim tried to defend himself against the assailants who opened fire on him, but they injured him in the chest, before escaping.

In similar news, a checkpoint in West Arish, also in Sinai, was attacked with gunfire by unknown attackers early on Thursday.

Helicopters hovered above the peninsula on Thursday in an effort to capture the perpetrators. No injuries were reported in this attack.

Egypt’s army spokesman Ahmed Aly said that unknown armed men opened fire on the vehicle of high ranking army commander Ahmed Wasfy on Wednesday.

Ahmed Aly added on his official Facebook page that security forces clashed with terrorist parties and were able to capture the vehicle they used where they found an injured child who they transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

The young girl died upon her arrival to the hospital despite the efforts to save her.

Security forces were able to capture the driver of the vehicle but other members of the attack managed to escape.

After searching the vehicle, security found two rifles and a U.S.-made field glasses.

The spokesman added that army forces are currently exerting efforts to capture the terrorist parties who were involved in the attack.

Islamists prepare for march to presidential palace after prayers with Mohamed Morsi Suporters

The National Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy, a group of Mohamed Morsi supporters, said it has organised a march from Rabaa al-Adaweya Mosque in Cairo to the presidential palace on Wednesday after the late evening “Taraweeh” prayers.

The Islamist coalition, which supports former president Mohamed Morsi, groups the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party, the hardline group al-Gamaa al-Islamiya and other Islamist parties.

During the march, the supporters will carry symbolic coffins of those who fell victim in last Monday’s violent confrontations by the Republican Guard’s headquarters.

Army forces have closed Merghany Street, which leads to the palace, on Wednesday in preparation for the demonstration for Mohamed Morsi.

The platform at the pro- Mohamed Morsi sit-in in Rabaa said that around one million broke their fast on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan at the sit-in.

Thousands of the Salafi Front members from Cairo and other governorates took part in the sit-in in support of Mohamed Morsi.

The front issued and distributed a statement condemning what some media outlets broadcast on the intention of some Islamists to blow up their supporters in an attempt to win sympathy.

Child killed in attack on security checkpoint in Sinai’s Rafah

One child was killed when unidentified gunmen attacked a security checkpoint on the Arish-Rafah highway in Sinai’s Rafah on Wednesday.

Driving a Jeep, the unknown assailants opened fire on security personnel at the checkpoint, eyewitnesses told Aswat Masriya.

Army members chased the car and managed to capture one of the perpetrators.

Official: 53 killed in Republican Guard clashes with Mohamed Morsi supporters

A medical source from Egypt’s health ministry said on Wednesday that 54 people were killed and 480 were injured in Monday’s clashes, mostly Mohamed Morsi supporters.

Violent confrontations erupted between supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi and security forces by the Republican Guard’s headquarters in Cairo on Monday.

The source added that no women or children were killed in the clashes, reported the state news agency MENA.

He added that 293 of the wounded have been dismissed from the local hospitals where they were admitted for treatment while 187 remain hospitalized.

Egypt Islamists to march to presidential palace to support Mohamed Morsi

A new Islamist alliance consisting of ousted President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters, by the name the “National Coalition to Support Legitimacy”, has organized a march for Wednesday.

The supporters will march from Rabaa al-Adaweya Mosque to the presidential palace after prayers later on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.

The protesters will carry symbolic coffins of those who fell victim in Monday’s violent confrontations by the Republican Guard’s headquarters.

Army forces have closed Merghany Street, which leads to the palace, on Wednesday in preparation for the demonstration

Egypt interim president meets journalists, including Mohamed Morsi supporters

Egypt’s interim President, Adli Mansour, met with representatives of the Journalists Syndicate, including its Head Diaa Rashwan, at the Ittihadiya presidential palace on Wednesday.

Mansour’s Media Advisor, Ahmed el-Muslimani, stated that the president fully respects the freedom of press and media and is keen on supporting the efforts of the syndicate to promote professionalism.

Mohamed Abdul Quddus, who hails from an Islamist background and is one of the syndicate’s representatives, did not attend  the two-hour long meeting.

Ahram staff isolates editor-in-chief and CEO, appointed under Mohamed Morsi

Al-Ahram newspaper’s general assembly decided on Wednesday to isolate Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) Mamdouh al-Waly and Editor-in-Chiefs Abdel Nasser Salama and Mohamed Kharaga who were all appointed by the now-dissolved Shura Council under Mohamed Morsi.

The assembly delegated the institution’s general manager to take on the tasks of the CEO during the transitional period until the country’s political status is stable.

Al-Ahram’s managing editors will manage the office until a new editor-in-chief is appointed.

Al-Ahram is a state newspaper that is the oldest and largest in the country.

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