People in the U.S. and China view each other with increasing suspicion, and many others around the world see the U.S. losing its place to China as the leading economic and political power, a new public opinion poll shows.

The two most powerful nations in the world, the United States and China continue to wage a quiet war using cyber terrorism and NSA spying as weapons.  The world’s population is witnessing the United States falling to the number two position economically and politically.


Recession in the U.S. contributing to receding reputation

According to a survey of around 38,000 people in 39 countries released on Thursday by the Washington-based Pew Research Center, majorities or pluralities in 23 of the nations surveyed said China either has replaced or eventually will oust the U.S. as the world’s top superpower.

The people of China are in complete agreement of the world’s assessment, but in the United States the reaction is mixed.  For three decades China’s economy has shown steady growth, while in 2008 a recession in the United States resulted in a lack of faith that it will continue to be the world’s greatest economic power.

Chinese believe their country surpasses the U.S.

This recent poll shows that only 47 percent of Americans believe that the United States will continue to be the number one rated nation in the world.  In 2008, the percentage was at 54.  Two-thirds of Chinese believe their country has surpassed the United States, and 56 percent believe their country deserves more respect.

The people of China are losing faith that the two super powers are cooperating in a positive fashion.  The numbers have dropped from 68 percent to less than one-third of the population.  In addition, the Chinese say they are losing faith in President Barrack Obama.

China continues to be heavily criticized for human rights violations

The rest of the world continues to see America as a better partner, by a 63 percent margin.  China continues to be heavily criticized for its human rights violations.  Only five percent of Japanese favor China, and most believe the United States will retain its status as the world’s greatest super power.  Japan continues to have territorial disputes with the most populated nation in the world.  Germany is also showing a decrease in their favorability of China.

China holds positive image in science and technology

Where China holds positive images is in areas such as science and technology. Such so-called “soft power” influences on others are a particularly strong aspect of the generally positive international image the U.S. holds. “Science and technology are China’s most popular soft power,” Pew concludes. It found the biggest positive impact across Africa and Latin America.  About 59% of Africans appreciate China’s business methods, Pew said

Global view on China

China’s strongest allies are Malaysia, Pakistan, Kenya, Senegal and Nigeria, along with Venezuela, Brazil and Chile.  The majority of other countries are neutral about their relationship with China.

Most of the United States’ closest allies see China as the greatest economic power in the world.  That includes the United Kingdom and Germany.