It is a strange day today—and no, not because of the selloffs and investor phobia that is rampant in the markets, those are secondary developments compared to what just happened a couple of hours ago.

Carl Icahn Joins Twitter To Spread His Uncommon Wisdom

The Honorable Carl C. Icahn stepped on to the hash-tagging turfs of Twitter today. Hat tip to Chris Ciaccia for confirming because we could not believe our eyes when the news broke that Icahn has a sense of humor, apart from the formidable wit he uses in stinging letters written to company boards. Although we do not think joining Twitter per se is funny, our surprise was more centered around the one and only tweet from the mind of the shakedown artist (or his PR personnel). Here take a look:

Behold Honorable Carl Icahn Joins Twitter

Fans Waiting for Ackman Showdown

Now seriously who could think that Icahn can be funny. And also does that mean that he likes Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) more than Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF) or that Herbalife simply does not compare on the scale of Twitter, we are confused. If Bill Ackman joins Twitter we could have a redo of the famous shouting match that the two had on CNBC, please let that happen.

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