President Barack Obama sits down with Charlie Rose for an exclusive 45-minute interview at the White House, the President shares his thoughts on Syria, Iran, the NSA leaks controversy and more

CHARLIE ROSE, PBS NEWS HOST: Welcome to the program. Tonight: a conversation with President Barack Obama just before he left for the G8 meeting in Ireland.

Barack Obama Charlie Rose Interview on Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

CHARLIE ROSE: Some people would like to see you announce that you are reappointing Ben Bernanke as chairman of the fed.

BARACK OBAMA: Well, I think Ben Bernanke’s done an outstanding job. Ben Bernanke’s a little bit like Bob Mueller, the head of the FBI


BARACK OBAMA: where he’s already stayed a lot longer than he wanted or he was supposed to. But I think he’s

CHARLIE ROSE: But if he wanted to be reappointed you would reappoint him?

BARACK OBAMA: He has been an outstanding partner along with the White House in helping us recover much stronger than, for example, our European partners from what could have been an economic crisis of epic proportions.
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