Paul Tudor Jones, net worth$3.6 billion and an intensely media-averse hedge fund personality, had some interesting comments on why there is a clear absence of women in the field of macro trading. Paul Tudor was one of the panelists in University of Virginia’s symposium, Investing in Markets, Society, and Ourselves: Views from Investment Masters, that was held on April 26. The video of his interview however was released today by Washington Post.

Paul Tudor On Lack Of Women In Macro Trading

Watch the video here.

Tudor responded to a question from one of the students on why the panel only consisted of middle aged white men and how someone different could have a place there. He said that it is unlikely that women will ever dominate in the field of macro trading unless they stop having children. Tudor explained that as soon as a woman has a child, her focus shifts and she does not have the intense concentration that is needed for trading.

Paul Tudor Issued A clarification:

His comments spiked some unnecessary controversy, in response to which he issued a clarification. He said in a statement that he believes success is possible for everyone in every field, its just that “global macro traders is a small and intense field that is affected by emotional highs and lows.” He also said that since trading was a 24/7 job, it required special skill and focus, tragic life events like divorce or death of a loved one also affects success in this field of finance.

He also said that when a manager is getting through a divorce, he knows that his ability to focus is impaired as the emotional stress is overwhelming at such times. He said that the distraction through such periods of distress would be even greater if there are kids involved.

This marks Tudor’s second rare interview that surfaced in the past couple of weeks. Earlier he was interviewed in CBS’ segment, 60 Minutes about his charity, Robin Hood Foundation. Tudor’s foundation has donated $1.25 billion since its inception. Robin Hood was able to collect $57 million in its latest fundraiser.

Other than Paul Tudor, the panel at U-Va also included Jeff Walker, former Vice Chairman at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM), Julian Robertson, founder of Tiger Management and John Griffin (Tiger Management alum) and founder of Blue Ridge Capital.

At the end of the discussion, John Griffin said that Paul gave an honest answer to a honest question and he agrees with it. He also added that one should not make broad generalizations on what he said as this opinion only prescribes to macro trading which is a very specific field of the business.