Jeff Pintar presenting: “Brave New World in Residential Real Estate Investing” at the 8th Annual Value Investing Congress.

Jeff Pintar

Jeff Pintar of Pintar Investment Company will be tenth at Value Investing Congress, with his presentation titled: “Brave New World in Residential Real Estate Investing.”

Jeff Pintar is the President and founder of Pintar Investment Company, LLC (“PIC”) and Port Street Realty Corporation. The combined firms provide a fully integrated real estate platform with expertise in residential and commercial real estate.

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Jeff Pintar Live Coverage

6:6 PM EST: Pintar comes on stage. He’s talking about his firm, the Pintar Investment Company LLC

6:18 PM EST: Pintar owns 250o residential properties.

6:20 PM EST: Pintar says there’s great opportunities to be had in residential real estate.

6:21 PM EST: The bursting of the real estate bubble created the opportunity in the market.

6:23 PM EST: New home demand spinning up says Pintar. Construction needs to triple in order to keep up.

6:26 PM EST: Pintar looks at “Smile States” Carolinas on top followed by the Southwest, Texas, Florida, California.

6:36 PM EST: Residential home supplies falling, Pintar thinks positive appreciation could be 50% from now in some markets.

Presentation Finished.