Leon Cooperman’s Omega Advisors has taken a stake in the recently made-public PennyMac Financial Services Inc (NYSE:PFSI). According to a 13D, Cooperman has an active stake of 21.6 percent in the mortgage company. In response to Cooperman’s disclosure, PennyMac rose over 9 percent. PennyMac Financial Services Inc (NYSE:PFSI) was founded by Countrywide Financial Corp’s former President, Stanford L. Kurland in 2008. The company provides financial services in the mortgage platform.


Omega Advisors’ Shares In PennyMac

PennyMac started trading publicly on May 10 and is since up 12.6 percent. Omega Advisors’ total ownership in PennyMac is 2,759,600 shares, most of which was bought in its May 9 IPO at $18/share whereas 9600 shares were bought on May 14 at $19.71/share.

Another hedge fund also disclosed position in PennyMac Financial Services Inc (NYSE:PFSI).  Roberto Mignone’s Bridger Capital has a passive stake of 13.5 percent or 1.5 million shares in PennyMac, acquired on May 9.

In other disclosures, Paulson & Co. increased its stake in Dex Media, Inc. (NASDAQ:DXM), according to a regulatory filing made on Friday. John Paulson now owns an active stake of 13 percent in Dex Media, up from 10.9 percent, disclosed last Tuesday. Dex Media is the newly formed entity arising from the merger of Dex One Corporation (NYSE:DEXO) and  SuperMedia Inc (NASDAQ:SPMD).

Another fan of Dex Media, Inc. (NASDAQ:DXM) is of course Kyle Bass, who pitched the investing idea in the Ira Sohn Conference this month. Kyle Bass owns 9.7 percent or 1.66 million shares of Dex Media according to a 13G filed with SEC. The position was acquired on April 30. Bass has previously held shares of both Dex One Corporation (NYSE:DEXO) and  SuperMedia Inc (NASDAQ:SPMD).