Chuck Akre on When and How He Decides to Sell Stocks

Chuck Akre sat down for an interview with Wealth Insight in February. Chuck Akre discussed his investment process in depth. He had some interesting comments when asked the famous value investing question when to sell. Akre who seems to have more of a GARP approach answers from that perspective (which is arguably harder to answer than for someone who invests in cigar butts). Below is a brief excerpt followed by full document in Scribd:

My life experience is that if the stock is at $40 and I think it is worth $25 and I sell it at $40 because I want to buy it back at $25, my experience is that it trades down to $25.05 and then goes to $300 and I don’t ever get my position back. Therefore, we are always trying to make sure that we own the compounders.

Chuck Akre by Rohan Wallace