Warren Buffett CNBC Interview All Videos

Warren Buffett was on CNBC this morning for a three hour interview.  Warren Buffett spoke about Berkshire Hathaway earnings, Herbalife, Keystone XL pipeline, Heinz among many other topics. We have embedded all the segments of the interview below.

“Our job is to beat the S&P, explained Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway chairman & CEO talking with CNBC’s Becky Quick about why he is disappointed with the performance of his company last year. Buffett also answers a viewer’s question about his purchase of Heinz; and reveals why the sequester is likely to go on for a while.

“Everybody that manages money is waiting to catch the signal that the Fed will reverse course,” said Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway chairman & CEO discussing why he believes it will be “interesting” when the Fed starts to unwind its buying policy, and begins selling. Also, Buffett explains why macroeconomics doesn’t play into Berkshire’s buying decisions.

On “Squawk Box,” Warren Buffett still thinks stocks are cheaper than other forms of investments and Berkshire is still buying, even as the Dow approaches an all-time high.

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