Redditlet: Gather Results From Reddit For The Website You Are Reading

Reddit is an amazing site where users can spend hours browsing, commenting and voting on their favorite discussion topics. If you would like to get more involved on Reddit, here’s a neat bookmarklet named Redditlet. It basically brings discussions from Reddit which are related to the website you are currently reading.

When you click on this bookmarklet, it will scan Reddit for matches. It might take a few seconds to gather results from the vast Reddit network. If the URL you are currently viewing has been submitted to Reddit in the past, that comment thread will be loaded in the same page in a separate small window.

Here’s how it will look like when you are on Wikipedia.

When you are done reading, voting, sharing or commenting, you can close this window by clicking on ‘X’ from top-right section.

Reading comments for a site you are on is fun. What’s more – you can also use this tool to check anything that you’ve previously submitted on Reddit.

If the webpage you are currently reading has not been submitted, you can submit it, and perhaps make the greatest discovery of the 21st century.

Get Redditlet from here

(Image via: Flickr)