Mohnish Pabrai on His Favorite Investors, Why He Rarely Invests in India
Mohnish Pabrai “Unlike brain surgery, in investing you can be wrong 40% of the time and still do fine” Great interview with Pabrai from Outlook India.

You have rarely invested in India…

I invested twice in India. One was an investment that returned 100x! And the other was the ADR of Dr Reddys. Ironically, the 100x investment was Satyam when Satyam was good. I invested in 1995 and I exited in 2000. But I don’t invest in India because there are too many regulatory hurdles.

How successful will a cloning investment strategy be, going forward? Which investors apart from Buffett would you like to clone or follow closely?

Cloning to me is the best and the most amazing strategy. The investors that I closely follow include Baupost, Longleaf Partners, Greenlight Capital, Pershing Square, Third Avenue and Fairfax Holdings.

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H/T Hardcore Value.