The lists ranking the top performing hedge funds are piling up, Bloomberg has released its own version of Top hedge funds of 2012. The data includes returns through Oct 31, so the ranking may very well shift. However, we have more recent returns for a number of funds than the one given by Bloomberg, s0 we are presenting a sandwich of both lists. Additionally, our data (mostly) comes from Hedge Weekly, Lyxor, shareholder letters, and ‘sources familiar with the matter’. According to AlphaClone, 68 percent of the ranked funds beat  S&P 500 (S&P Indices:.INX).

Hedge Funds

The following is the most updated ranking of the top 30 hedge funds so far, including big names like Dan Loeb, Barry Rosenstein, Leon Cooperman, Chase Coleman, David Tepper and one of Man Group (LON:EMG)’s funds. The list does not discriminate on the basis of size of the fund.

1. BTG Pactual Distressed Fund:

Return: 39.91 percent

Asset class/Strategy: Distressed Mortgage

Fund AUM: $230 million

Firm and Manager: BTG Pactual Global Asset Management

2.  Metacapital Mortgage Opportunities

Return: 37.8% (Oct 31)

Asset class/Strategy: Mortgage-backed arbitrage

Manager: Deepak Narula

Fund AUM: $1.5 billion

Firm: Metacapital Management

 3. Odey Absolute Return Fund

Return: 33.3 percent (Nov 30)

Asset class/Strategy: Long/Short Equity

Managers: James Hambury and Jamie Grimston

Fund AUM: $582 million

Firm: Odey Asset Management

4Brookfield Global Real Estates Securities

Return: 33.2 percent (Oct 31)

Strategy: Equity Long/Short

Managers: Jason Baine and Bernhard Krieg

Fund AUM: $473 million

Firm: Brookfield Investment Management

5. Pine Rive Fixed Income

Return: 32.74 percent (7 Dec)

Asset class/Strategy: Fixed income arbitrage

Manager: Steve Kuhn

Fund AUM: 3.56 billion

Firm: Pine River Capital Management

6.CQS Directional Opportunities

Return: 32.04 percent (Nov 30)

Strategy: Multistrategy

Manager: Michael Hintze

Fund AUM: $1.49 billion

Firm: CQS

7. BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE:BLK) Obsidian

Return: 32.0 (Dec 7)

Asset class/Strategy: Fixed Income Arbitrage

Manager: Stuart Spodek

Fund AUM: $710 million

Firm: BlackRock Inc

8. Chenavari Toro Capital

Return: 29.64 percent (Nov 30)

Strategy: Distressed Mortgage

Fund AUM: $227 million

Firm and Manager: Chenavari Investment Managers

9. Rhine Alpha Stars

Return: 28.43 percent (Dec 7)

Asset class/Strategy: Long/Short Equity

Manager: Rudolph Bohli

Fund AUM: $70 million

Firm: RBR Capital

10. Third Point Ultra

Return: 27.83 percent (5 Dec)

Asset class/Strategy: Multi Strategy

Manager: Dan Loeb

Fund AUM: $1.39 billion

Firm: Third Point LLC

11. WF Asia Fund

Return: 27.7 (Dec 7)

Strategy: Equity Lon

Manager: Scobie Ward

Fund AUM: $231 million

12. Odey European

Return: 26.63 percent (Nov 30)

Asset class/Strategy: Long/Short Equity

Manager: Crispin Odey

AUM: $1.4 billion

Firm: Odey Asset Management

13. Kinetics Fund

Return: 26.3 percent (Dec 7)

Asset class/Strategy: Long/Short Equity

Manager: Peter B. Doyle

AUM: $40 million

Firm: Horizon Kinetics

14. Pine River Liquid Mortgage

Return: 26.04 percent (Dec 7)

Asset class/Strategy: Fixed Income Arbitrage

Managers: Jiayi Chen and Steve Kuhn

Fund AUM: $1.1 billion

Firm: Pine River Capital Management

15. Palomino Fund

Return: 25.75 percent (Nov 30)

Asset class/Strategy: Credit Long/Short

Manager: David Tepper

Fund AUM: $5.39 billion

Firm: Appaloosa Management

16. HSBC Holdings plc (LON:HSBA) (NYSE:HBC) India Alpha Fund

Return: 25.63 percent (Dec 7)

Asset class/Strategy: Equity Long/Short

Managers: Sanjiv Duggal, Nilang Mehta and Viresh Mehta

Fund AUM: $77 million

Firm: HSBC

17. Cassiopeia Fund 

Return: 25.45 percent (Dec 7)

Asset class/Strategy: Volatility Arbitrage

Managers: Pierre de Saab and Alain Dos Santos

Fund AUM: $635 million

Firm: Dominice Asset Management

18. Marcato International

Return: 25.15 percent (Nov 30)

Asset class/Strategy: Event Driven

Manager: Richard McGuire

Fund AUM: $500 million

Firm: Marcato Capital Management

19. Harmonic Alpha Plus Macro Fund

Return: 25.0 percent (Dec 7)

Asset class/Strategy: Macro

Manager: Richard Conyers

Fund AUM: $904 million

20A. BTG Pactual Global EM and Macro Fund

Return: 24.93 percent (Nov 30)

Asset class/ Strategy: Macro

Fund AUM: $3.6 billion

Firm: BTG Pactual Global Asset Management

20B. Contrarian Capital

Return: 24.4 percent (Dec 28)

Asset Class/ Strategy: Distressed Debt, Long/Short

Fund AUM: $3.1 billion

21. Marathon Securitized Credit

Return: 24.0 percent (Oct 31)

Asset class/Strategy: Asset backed

Managers: Bruce Richards and Louis Hanover

Firm: Marathon Asset Management

22. Titanium Capital Macro Forex Fund

Return: 23.2 percent (Oct 31)

Asset class/Strategy: Managed Futures

Managers: Philip Manduca and Antonio Juste

Fund AUM: $100 million

23. Eminence Fund Ltd

Return: 23.19 percent (Dec 7)

Asset class/Strategy: Equity Long/Short

Manager: Ricky C. Sandler

Fund AUM: $1.46 billion

Firm: Eminence Capital


Return: 22.49 percent (Nov 30)

Asset class/ Strategy: Equity Long/Short

Manager: Scott Bommer
Fund AUM: $250 million
Firm: SAB Capital Management

25. Omega Overseas Partners

Return: 21.9 percent (Nov 30)

Asset class/Strategy: Equity Long/Short

Manager: Leon Cooperman

Fund AUM: $1.39 biillion

Firm: Omega Advisors

26. JANA Master

Return: 21.8 percent (Dec 24)

Asset class/Strategy: Event Driven

Managers: Barry Rosenstein and David DiDomenico

Fund AUM: $3.8 billion

Firm: JANA Partners

27. Seer Capital Partners

Return: 21.6 percent (Oct 31)

Strategy: Asset backed

Manager: Philip Weingord

Fund AUM: $1.2 billion

Firm: Seer Capital Management

28.  Third Point Offshore Investors Ltd (LON:TPOE)

Return: 21.2 percent (Dec 28)

Asset class/Strategy: Event Driven Multi Strategy

Manager: Dan Loeb

Fund AUM: $5 billion

Firm: Third Point LLC

29. Man AHL Evolution

Return: 21.17 percent (Nov 30)

Strategy: Managed Futures

Manager: Tim Wong

Fund AUM: $1.8 billion

Firm: Man Group

30.  Tiger Global

Return: 21.0 percent

Strategy: Long/Short

Managers: Feroz Dewan and Chase Coleman

AUM: $6 billion

Management Firm: Tiger Global Management