Skype Click To Call Updated To Support Firefox, Chrome And Windows 8

Microsoft has announced the release of a new version of Skype Click to Call. This latest version comes with support for the latest version of Firefox and  Chrome. Most importantly, this Skype Click to Call will be “finally” supported on Windows 8.

Apart from the browser and OS support, one more notable feature of this update is that free numbers are now highlighted in magenta, which means it is even easier to spot free numbers while browsing.


The support for latest version of Firefox and Chrome has long been antcipated, and given that Microsoft owns Skype, many expected Skype to support Windows 8 from the time of its arrival (which was not the case, until now).

Key features of this update are:

  • Windows 8 compatibility.
  • Firefox 18 and Chrome 23 support.
  • Numbers which are FREE to call are now highlighted in magenta, so it is even easier to spot them while browsing the web.
  • Various performance and stability improvements.

Click to Call is also available on Internet Explorer and Safari. The latest version (version 6.5 for Windows and version 2.4 for Mac) can now be downloaded from the official website.