We are increasingly seeing a number of apps and tweaks to bring back the Start Menu in Windows 8 and also to boot directly to the desktop, instead of the Start Screen. Microsoft has made these changes in the operating system and there’s no way to switch back, and that’s why users are searching for ways to get back the functionality and features which they were very much used to.

StartOnDesktop, as claimed by the developer, is the cleanest Solution to Start on Desktop. This is a tiny and lightweight program to configure the Windows 8 PC to boot straight to the desktop, instead of the Start Screen.

StartOnDesktop Boots Your Windows 8 PC Directly To The Desktop

When you start the program for the first time, you might run into the Windows SmartScreen and you need to click on the More Info and then on Run Anyway to start the program. Don’t worry, you get this prompt only because this program has not yet been added to its database. Start this program and then click on “Enable” button.

This program does not edit any files, services, or tasks, but it simply makes a little modification to one registry key and will instantly process your request. It requires no restart, although you will need to restart your computer to see the magic of this program.

If you change your mind, or when you want to boot to the Start Screen, then just start this program again and click on “Disable” button. It’s a handy little program that you can always have on your computer.

StartOnDesktop is one of the easiest and simplest way to boot directly into the desktop, the traditional way, instead of to the Start Screen. Get it from below.

Download StartOnDesktop