After updating to iOS 6, you may have noticed that your iPhone’s contact list is cluttered with your Facebook friends. This change is a result of the tight integration of iOS 6 with Facebook. Many of you won’t like your contact list to be populated with your Facebook friends, Therefore, let’s learn how to remove Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) friends from iPhone’s contact list.

Open “Settings” and scroll down until you find Facebook. Tap on it and then you can see a new section for “Allow these apps to use your account”. From this section, tap the slider to OFF for “Contacts”. That’s all you need to do.

How To Delete OR Remove Facebook Friends From Contact List In iPhone

Now you can check your Contacts list and you will observe that the list will be returned to your pre-iOS 6 stage, where you won’t see contacts from Facebook.

If you would also like to remove Facebook events from showing up on your Calendar, then turn the Calendar slider to OFF.

Another benefit of this method is that it will also clean up your calendar app by removing the birthday reminders of your Facebook friends.

So go ahead, clean up your contacts list by removing Facebook friends.

(Via: CNET)