The 8th annual New York Value Investing Congress, is taking place on Monday October 1st and Tuesday October 2nd, 2012. We will be proving live coverage of the Congress. Each speaker at the conference pitches their favorite investment (usually equity) idea. Among the notable speakers this year; David Einhorn, Bill Ackman, Barry Rosenstein, Jeff Uben, Alex Roepers and others (full list and schedule provided below).

Value Investing Congress 2012: Best Ideas from Einhorn, Ackman, etc. [LIVE]

You can follow our live updates on each speakers’ pitch by looking at links we will post below or by checking the site on a regular basis. David Einhorn we suspect will have a short idea, and that usually means the stock drops 10%+ in a few minutes. So make sure to check back frequently, or subscribe via Feed, or Twitter. To get a summary of events you can ‘like’ us on Facebook.

Follow the hyperlinks on each speaker below to follow them live or see a summary, you can also view our articles on the Value Investing Congress, as we post them.

Below is the scheduled all-star lineup of some various famous value investors. Each presentation is expected to last 50 minutes.

Monday October 1st, 2012 Value Investing Congress 1st day line-up.

Tuesday October 2nd, 2012 Value Investing Congress 2nd day line-up

The first day of the Value Investing Congress has started, follow below links for catching the live updates of speakers.

Here are the live updating posts of the speakers. Clicking on ‘Click Here’ will take you to the original live notes:

8:45 AM EST: Guy Gottfried At Value Investing Congress: Two Small Cap Bargains [LIVE] – Click Here

9:36 AM EST: Kian Ghazi At Value Investing Congress: Winding Down Hawkshaw Capital [LIVE] – Click Here

10:50 AM EST: Whitney Tilson’s Favorite Ideas At Value Investing Congress 2012 [LIVE] – Click Here

11:54 AM EST: Zack Buckley At VIC 2012: Short Ideas In Today’s Market [LIVE] – Click Here

2:00 PM EST: Barry Rosenstein’s New Activist Idea at Value Investing Congress [LIVE] – Click Here

2:55 PM EST: Mick McGuire at Value Investing Congress: Hidden Value In Land [LIVE] – Click Here

4:15 PM EST: John Mauldin At VIC 2012: Value Investing In An Election Year [LIVE]  – Click Here

5:15 PM EST: Bill Ackman Case Study Of GGP At Value Investing Congress 2012 [LIVE] – Click Here


The first day of Value Investing Congress 2012 has come to an end. Stay with us for the 2nd day’s coverage. Live updating links from the 2nd day of  the Value Investing Congress will be shared below.

2nd day:

8:20 AM EST: Lloyd Khaner At Value Investing Congress 2012: Turnaround Investing [LIVE] – Click Here

9:10 AM EST: Alex Roepers: Activist Idea At Value Investing Congress 2012 [LIVE] – Click Here

10:24 AM EST: David Einhorn Speaks At Value Investing Congress 2012 [LIVE] – Click Here

11:45 AM EST: Bob Robotti’s Insights On Classic Value Investing At VIC 2012 [LIVE] – Click Here

1:47 PM EST: Glenn Tongue Presenting 2 Time Arbitrage Ideas At VIC 2012 [LIVE] – Click Here

2:44 PM EST: Jeffrey Ubben Discusses Keeping Investing Simple at VIC 2012 [LIVE] – Click Here

Here Comes The End: “Value Investing Congress Contest Winner Ryan Fusaro’s Pitch on JACK” – Click Here

Presentation Section:

Ackman’s Full Presentation – Here

Whitney Tilson’s Full Presentation – Here

Alex Roepers’ Full Presentation – Here

Barry Rosenstein’s Jana Partners Full Presentation – Here