Warren Buffett and Bill gates

Do you know who are the 400 richest people of America? Do you know how they got rich? Do you know what is the total net worth of these 400 richest Americans? No, then have a look at the infographic below to find all the answers.

NerdWallet’s Forbes 400 infographic breaks down the numbers behind the Forbes 400 Richest Americans to find out which industries are the most prominently represented by the super-rich  It breaks down the data provided in the Forbes 400: The Richest People in America list of billionaires and shows how, of the 400 richest Americans, just over half made their fortunes in either finance, retail, tech, and oil.

It seems like Financial Services and Hedge Funds are contributing alot to make Americans rich.

400 Richest Americans Infographics

The INFOGRAPHIC is created by NerdWallet.