New leaked pictures of Apple’s next generation iPhone suggest that iPhone 5 may be taller and slimmer than its predecessors.

French site has shared few more photos of the iPhone 5. It is reported that these photos were taken from a Chinese forum known as iColorOS, which also revealed photos of iPhone 5 parts earlier this month.

Images below:

iPhone 5

“The front camera has moved position, centered now, above the earpiece, but the camera on the back looks significantly different than in the iPhone 4 and 4s, with a more compact lens, and an unidentified round element between the lens and the flash,” said Forbes.

Rivals of Apple are also reported to launch their smartphones ahead of iPhone 5 release.

Different reports and leaks suggest that the next iPhone will be launched at a scheduled event on September 12, although Apple has not yet confirmed any official date for the launch of iPhone 5.

However, there are also reports that iPhone 5 could be delayed due to manufacturing issues.

Apple is currently locked in one of the biggest ‘legal battle of tech history’ with Samsung Electronics.