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  • Mark

    Really? You think My Backup is the BEST for non-rooted phones? You must be kidding. My Backup MIGHT work on phones with an sd card (idk I don’t have one) but if you dont have an sd card slot it DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. the migrate feature only works with an uninterrupted WiFi connection for a full day and only if both phones are changing (it basically is just running the processor constantly, draining the battery), IN THEORY. I say in theory because all three times I tried it it would not work. I started it first thing in the morning and I would check on it periodically. The first 2 times it encountered an error after about 6 hours and the third time after 9 hours. So I gave up on that and thought I would just back everything up on the phone and copy it to the computer. I thought wrong. The backup files are 100% UN-detectable in Windows, even with hidden files visible. On top of that, the files can’t be sent as attachments via email or sms. But what about backing it up online to their wonderful cloud? What they don’t tell you is the online space is 100mb unless you pay for more.

    Definitely NOT the best

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