iPhone 5 on Sale in China Ahead of Official Launch
Source: Pixabay

You must have heard about huge pre-orders and bookings for Harry Potter books in the good old magical times. Fans were desperate to get their hands on their precious copies months before the actual release. There are still a few books that garner these advance orders but no gadget has managed to spell-bind the consumers as the iPhone has. The magic of pre-orders continues with the i-revolution, it seems that iPhone5 is selling before it is even ready. The website Taobao, a subsidary of AliBaba Group,  is taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5, you can check it out here. There are pictures and a whole list of specifications that are not confirmed by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), the company itself has not given any release date and has not elaborated on any specific features.

The sellers at the shopping website cannot confirm a release date either. They plan to get the phone from Hong Kong or US, where it will be released before China. The iPhone is expected to launch anywhere between August till October, and the demand is already so high that the retailers at Taobao have collected dozens of orders. The asking price goes as high as $1100, while some sellers will also take a $160 pre-deposit.

The trading practices in China might not be reliable, as incidents of smuggling Apple products from abroad have been reported but the Chinese sellers have been on target before about the specs of expected Apple gadgets. In early 2011, Alibaba.com Limited (HKG:1688) shows accurate pictures of the yet-to-be-released iPad 2. So the chances are that they are right this time as well.

China is becoming the discussion board for iPhone 5. We reported yesterday that engineering photos of the supposed iPhone 5 were leaked on the web and the source was again from China. This time the photos were termed as believable because they were close to the features of the new iPhone. The new iPhone is rumored to be taller and thinner, this speculation is in line with the bigger iPhone design observed by some Apple fans in their corporate recruiting video.

Apple Inc. (NASDAW:AAPL)’s market in China is steadily increasing, as Smartphones are trending all over the world now. The market share of iPhone has also increased, Apple’s iOS capitalizes on 17.3% of the Chinese market now and it is expected to rise even further. Apple is launching its iPad2 in China on 20th July as disputes in court have settled now. Apple products are more expensive than those of its competitors, so there would always be a difference in market share, but that does not make the tech giant any less popular or profitable.