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Seems that the search engine king is having a little trouble lately. Many users from across the world have reported that the handy feature of  Chrome where you can just text in the search keywords in the Omnibar/URL bar has been returning a big blank page. While I tried to search for ‘valuewalk’ in chrome, I was welcomed with a big blank page like the one below:

It is very understandable why this could get extremely annoying. Google Chrome has been the pioneer of the omnibox feature and having glitches in it does not look good. The problem is being faced by Windows 7 and Mac users alike and those with latest versions of Google Chrome installed on their systems.

While the reasons behind this error are not clear, there are a lot of tweaks you can try and fix it:

  • Add Google as the default search engine once again by selecting “Manage Search Engines” from the’Settings’ available in the chrome wrench menu. Add a new search engine with the url, and selecting it as the default one might do the trick
  • Clear Browser Search History by typing Ctrl+H and clicking on ‘Clear all browsing data’
  • Try browsing in incognito window.
  • Restart the Browser

Google Search is single-handedly the ruler of search engines, claiming a total of 83% in the category of desktop web browsing and 92% in mobile search engines.

The use of Google Chrome as the choice for desktop web browser is gradually rising and it is in head-on battle with Internet Explorer as reported by StatCounter.

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Google is currently working on solving the issue on this forum. If you are having the same issue, buzz in and leave feedback.

Update – The issue has been fixed:

Status: Fixed

Comment #43 on issue 84679 by sied… URL bar google search goes to white/blank page

This issue is now fixed. Closing.
Internal bug: b/6759312