Apple bigger iPhone?

As I said in my last post, Apple By Numbers,  Apple has a knack for attracting attention even while sitting idle. People just love speculating and researching every little fact and rumor. The hot news that is making rounds today, is about the tech giant’s corporate recruiting video, apparently there are mysterious shots of a new ‘bigger’ iPhone in it.  People were already feasting on rumors of a smaller iPad in the making, just wait and see what fodder for speculation and theories  this new tidbit provides.

The ‘secret’ shot of a ‘bigger’ iPhone spans for less than 2 seconds and is actually so far off in the frame that one has to commend the zooming and research skills of Apple enthusiasts. Why it cannot be the mock image of the supposed iPad mini or just a resized photo of some product is beyond me. But for what it’s worth, it does fulfill all the requisites to qualify as a secret shot, the picture is not clear, it is shown for barely a couple of seconds, people are pointing at it and it is in black and white!! Classic combo for a conspiracy  in the pipes, isn’t it?

On a serious, no-kidding note; the video does feature some inspiring talk by a range of employees,  including Joel Podolny, VP of Human Resources and Dean of Apple University. The video also features a backstory on iPad2’s Smart Cover.

Hats off to Mark Gurman at 9to5mac for posting a neutral article on the video and to all the YouTubers with monocles. We have had a iPad mini and a bigger iPhone so far, if the trend continues at this rate it will just take a couple of days for a bigger iPod and a smaller Macbook to surface.

Watch it for yourself, perhaps more secrets will reveal themselves!