Apple's New iPad will Supposedly be Revised to Prevent Heat Issues

According to DigiTimes Apple has been facing over-heating issues in the iPad, and will change the design of the new Retina Display, for the 4G LTE iPad. The IT giant and the forerunner ofrevolution was previously criticized over heating issues of its latest model of iPad. However Apple fans vehemently denied the reports, and claim that the overheating issues were minor. Apple Inc. also denies any issues with the current version.

DigiTimes reports that Apple is making revisions to its latest model of iPad and these changes would make the new version less prone to heating problems. Currently the iPad supports two LED backlights, a reduction to one backlight will reportedly resolve the issue.

DigiTimes does not have a good track record when it comes to reporting authentic updates regarding Apple, so the claim is not confirmed. Furthermore, the story was pulled for an unknown reason. However, we were able to obtain a copy of the story. Therefore, it could be that the new iPad will not have any changes to the display due to ‘problems.’

Earlier this year, while responding to new iPad’s heat complaints,  Apple PR’s Trudy Muller said, “The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications. If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare.”

The new version iPad was launched at a time when the market was populated with tablets from rival companies, the major competitor being Google’s android operating system. The latest Apple iPad has a Retina Display with higher resolution, similar to that of the iPhone 4. The processor was also upgraded and the gadget is supplemented with a 4G connection.