How to Add a Twitter Feed to Google RSS Reader

How to Add a Twitter Feed to Google RSS Reader

RSS Readers helps you keep track of latest news and content from your favorite blogs. You may have several feeds added in your RSS Reader that you regularly read. But have you ever wanted to add a Twitter feed to your RSS Reader so that you can track latest tweets from that account? Fortunately, this is possible and involves a small trick.

Add a Twitter Feed to RSS Reader

The problem is that you cannot enter the direct Twitter URL in RSS Reader. For example, if you try adding this URL, it won’t work

For some RSS Readers like Google Reader and WebReader (which is a desktop RSS Reader) the above method will work but for most, you’ll face problems.

When the above method doesn’t work, enter the below URL in your subscribe box. Don’t forget to replace “valuewalk” with the Twitter username that you want to follow.

Google Reader users can also enter this URL and click on “Add” button.

How to Add a Twitter Feed to Google RSS Reader

That’s all you need to do. With this small trick, you can follow RSS Feeds as well as Twitter Feeds from one place. Now there’s no need to open Twitter.

Note that you’ll need to follow the same method to add more Twitter users to your RSS Reader. It may be a time consuming task but once done, it works great !

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