Apple vs. Samsung: This Time Court Orders Ban Of Galaxy Nexus Phone

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has marked its second victory this week in the patent war against Samsung, Associated Press reports.  Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) had already gained the upper hand when the US court of San Jose, California, granted Apple’s bid to bar the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet on Tuesday, June 26th 2012. Now another one of Samsung’s products is taking the hit, this time it is the Galaxy Nexus Smartphone.  Both of these rulings have been made by District Court Judge Lucy Koh. Koh has ordered Apple to post a $96 million bond, this is the estimated value of damages that Samsung will incur from the sales ban. Once the bond is in place, Samsung will have to put a hold on sending Galaxy products in the market.

Apple has been accusing Samsung of blatantly imitating trademark iPhone and iPad designs. The copyright infringements that the South Korean company is accused of go beyond just the outlook of Galaxy products, Apple has claimed that Samsung has violated at least four of its patent rights in programming of Galaxy Smartphone. Out of these four violations, the most noteworthy of all is the ‘Siri’ voice-activated assistance that is available in iPhone 4S.

As the ban on Galaxy Nexus smartphone and tablet takes effect in the US, Samsung won’t be the only one losing business but Google Android’s market will fall as well. The Android technology in Samsung phones comes with a unified search feature whose functionality is similar to Siri, as recognized in the US court’s temporary injunction.  Samsung’s spokesperson said, “We are currently working closely with Google to resolve this matter, as the patent in question concerns Google’s unified search function.”

The previous injunction ordered on Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer is a minor one when compared to this new court order which bans Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Samsung’s Android coupled smartphone was making waves all over the world and especially in the US as indicated in the numbers released by industry tracker IDC in the beginning of 2012; smartphones coupled with Android operating system hold 50.8 percent of the US market while Apple’s iOS commanded 31.4 percent of the market share. Since Apple and Samsung have been battling in the courts of Asia and Europe since 2011, we can expect a butterfly effect spreading through other parts of the world after the US court’s decision.