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Founder and CEO of ValueWalk.com (the “Site”) is a web site owned by VALUEWALK LLC, a New Jersey limited liability corporation. I am the former VP of business Development of SumZero, LLC, the world’s largest community I have prior experience in a value based pe firm focused on PIPE transactions in micro-cap companies, and at a value based research firm, which focused on smid caps.

  • Anti China

    You really a self proclaimed genius. Hilarious!

  • Nikola Tasev

    Very interesting article. Almost 3 years later China’s growth is already below 7.5%, and yuan appreciation is at about zero.
    On the other hand, looking at per capita is mostly useless when talking about country power and influence. Luxemburg is not a world power.
    I’ll mark to look at this one again in 2018, if it is available.

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