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  • Eknowles63

    When will all government agencies back off on how we choose to raise our children? You did what most of us wish we could. Nothing you did was out of hand or over handed. If we let our children think they can rule the world in their way, we would be in a shit load of trouble. I was raised knowing that my actions caused consequences good or bad and I was accountable for them. Teenagers can’t think they can rule the world until they show MUTURE behavior like LOVE, RESPECT, WISDOM. Who is capable of teaching them that if not their parents.

  • Guest

    This   man does not know how to parent. He is acting like a child. If this is the way he deals with his daughter I can why his daughter is acting out. Only in America the land where they solve their problems by shooting things . Just like the Taliban.

  • Guest

    His arguments are 110% correct and his anger is justifiable. However, I don’t think he gives a good example of how, why and when guns ought to be used. Guns are nothing that a responsible parent boasts with. Hopefully, the daughter learns something and they learn to speak with each other again. All the best to the father. God bless.

  • Anonymous

    What about Dealbreaker?

  • Guest

    I’ll give you a hint: posting irrelevant articles on a niche website only dilutes the content. Not even businessinsider.com would post this article… Try to stay on topic.

  • Butch West

    If anyone criticizes this father it only serves to illustrate the complete lack of any sense of personal responsibility that has become common in this country.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZCQVGI3NBIS2YKY7RFSYOTRFTE john

    I came here thinking this guy was a joker, but now I think I agree with him.

  • Vornodotrust

    That is one of the best parent responses I have ever seen! Loved it. There is nothing wrong with what he did and the way he is responding to our screwy media outlets is great! As one parent to another I applaud what him.

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