Apple plans to announce its next generation iPad 3 with a 4G LTE connectivity and quad-core processor at an event in New York next week, reports CNBC.

CNBC: iPad 3 To Be Unveiled In New York Next Week

This exciting news came directly from the official Twitter account of CNBC, where the news organization only mentioned a brief information taken from its sources about iPad 3.

CNBC iPad 3 Tweet:


However, just few minutes after CNBC’s Tweet about iPad 3, Jim Dalrymple –  person with a good track record of reporting about Apple’s events, tweeted that CNBC has disclosed a wrong information on Apple’s event location – by which he means that it won’t be held in New York City. Although Jim did not reject or confirm the rest of the information on the tweet,  so we still can predict March 7th to be the lucky day for all the Apple fan boys.