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  • Glennherron

    I love it!  In America only white people are racists!!

  • Biggeep

    This my story, this happened to me on a flight to Vegas in the 90’s…they moved me to first because an old white lady complained.

    I am not sure what the lady said, but the flight attendant said she was being stupid. The funny thing, I had a sack lunch, which they use to give, she took it and said you don’t need that up here.

  • Royadaniels

    the story has recently resurfaced on Facebook, versions of the tale
    have circulated since at least 1998 and have been set on several
    different airlines in several countries. There is no evidence that the
    incident described actually took place on any airline. The tale is
    almost certainly apocryphal.

  • Jon

    “Can’t you see” or its derivative has been said in the most public of places.. A tennis court during a major tournament, the US Open.  Lleyton Hewitt was playing against Blake (black player) when he was foot faulted by a black linesman. Hewitt reacted violently by yelling at the chair umpire: 
    “Look at him (the linesman) and you tell me what the similarity is (beckoning towards Blake)”, and “I want him off the court,…”   ..  I had a french neighbor who left South Africa for France after the Apartheid and she didn’t know what it meant to be politically correct since racism was the norm for her.  It’s all a matter of your upbringing and how close minded you remain for the rest of your life…

  • Richprimo

    Hell yeah shoulda thrown the racist cunt out the window

  • http://twitter.com/bsimser Bil Simser

    Didn’t happen. Collected from e-mail circa 1998 http://www.snopes.com/travel/airline/obnoxious.asp

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jess-Hansen/706136909 Jess Hansen

    “Who cares………..still nice story”

    No, the nice part of the story is that it never happened.  It is nice that there was no racist lady and no black person was insulted etc. 

    People should spend 1 minute on google before they share things.  I found the hoax link in less than i minute!

  • thetruepatriot

    Very nice story.. If its made up or not, still its giving out a positive message.

  • B Anonymous Online

    Haha, that’s everything I wanted to say. Which I found funny, since my name is Ben as well. Thanks, fellow Ben, for making us look good. :P

  • Olinda

    Who cares………..still nice story

  • Javilaus

    nice message.. totally has to be made up but nice message none the less.

  • Fake

    No true. Urban legend has been floating around for years in various airline’s colors.

  • Bear5376
  • Money

    It’s an urban legend, and it never happened.  Jeez, people will believe anything they read on the internet…  http://www.hoax-slayer.com/racist-airline-passenger.shtml

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