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Sheeraz is our CTO, his primary duty is curating and editing of ValueWalk. He is main reason behind the rapid growth of the business. Sheeraz previously ran a taxation firm. He is an expert in technology, he has over 5.5 years of design, development and roll-out experience for SEO and SEM. Sheeraz’s professional experience includes working for many popular news portals.

  • Cuberonix

    – “be slightly thicker than the iPad 2.” Probably.- “run on 4G LTE Networks.” Probably not.- “add a new processor – probably an A6 chip.” Hopefully.- “include Front-Facing HD camera.” Most likely.- “be slightly redesigned.” Debatable.- “be having a higher resolution screen than iPad 2.” Yes.- “include a more powerful battery – that means iPad 3 will have extended battery life.” Yup.- “have a 7-inch screen” No way in hell.

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