The Future of Marketing: Blogging and Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Future of Marketing: Blogging and Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]This infographic provides information for social media and blogging as a tool for small business. It provides statistical data for how many businesses in the U.S use social media and marketing to promote their business, how the rate is going to grow and what social media sites business are predominantly using.


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  • cheap article writing service

    I do believe personally that blogs are gonna benefit a lot from social media marketing this year.. Google+ is going to revolutionize marketing in every sense of the word.

  • ProfManish Parihar

    just one word: ‘beautiful’

  • Anonymous

    This interesting article puts social media marketing in such clear perspective, I think these stats and the ones we use are one of the steps we at Magicbuz use in convincing  our clients just how important social media marketing is, it’s live, its living in the moment and you can’t afford to take a day off from keeping in touch with the public through twitter, face book, you tube, etc..

  • Mark Hammond

     Just because companies are doing something does not mean that they are doing it effectively. Following the herd is not necessarily a smart strategy. We believe that there is no generic solution to marketing and each company and product needs to find what is best for them