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43% think Obama’s recent economic proposal is bad or awful, 37% think the proposal is great or good, and 20% are unsure or do not know enough details.

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Book of the week: James Grant and Roger Lowenstein have great things to say about Sylvia Nassar’s new book Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius.  (WSJBusinessweek)

Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb Investor Day May 2011

SumZero top idea of the week-MI Developments Inc. (MIM)  If you want access to the 3500+ investment write-ups (and match the criteria listed here) email me, [email protected]

Value Investing and Financials

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On Value Traps

Economic Indicators Brightening

Is Inflation the Answer?

China: Bubble or Bonanza? Xerion Fund’s Dan Arbess Versus Kynikos’ Jim Chanos

There Will Be Oil


Has John Paulson Lost His Touch?

Seth Klarman Using Currency Swaps to Hedge?

Between Errors Of Optimism And Pessimism – Observations On The Real Estate Cycle In The United States And China

JNJ CFO On Synthes Financing

Meet Ted Weschler: Buffett Auction Winner, Berkshire’s New Hire

JP Morgan Chase goes minimalist…

Taking a deep dive into Motorola Mobility’s merger proxy


What if ‘peak oil‘ isn’t a peak but a plateau?  (WSJ)

Is Gold Cheap? Who Knows? But Gold-Mining Stocks Are

Bill Ackman’s Full Presentation On The HKD

Trying to think like a businessman with ITT and ITT Spin – Xylem

Merger Arbitrage Mondays – September 12, 2011

L-3 Communications Gives In

A long-term twist on the Magic Formula

10 Ways to Improve Your Investment Process – #8. Pay Attention to the Details

On the online poker exodus from the US.  (Businessweek)

China is getting old, fast.  (beyondbrics)

Young Russians once again want to emigrate.  (Economist)

The Hidden Meaning Behind Buffett’s Hiring: Alice Schroeder – Bloomberg

Restoring the Health of Johnson & Johnson –

A Disciplined, Driven ‘Connect-the-Dots’ Investor –

UBS Trader Charged With Fraud Appears in Court

BofA May Keep Bankruptcy Open for Countrywide

NASA Finds ‘Star Wars’ Planet With 2 Suns

SAT Reading, Writing Scores Hit Low

Europe on Sale