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Book of the week: After America: Get Ready for Armageddon

Analysis Paralysis: Stop Thinking, Start Simplifying

Bruce Berkowitz – 1992 Interview With OID When He Was Neck Deep In Troubled Wells Fargo (Sound Familiar?)

10 Ways to Improve Your Investment Process – #7. Manage Yourself

The Political Art of Investment Commentators

Why I don’t like speciality clothing retailers

The footnoted jobs program…

Dan Loeb’s Letter To The Board Of Yahoo

Howard Marks Of Oaktree – What’s Behind The Downturn

The Efficient Markets Hypothesis is as silly as an Efficient Atmospheres Hypothesis.  (The Physics of Finance)

Bruce Berkowitz’s interview with OID in 1992

Heckmann starts adding debt

Hart Stores: The Value Trap

Are traders dumber than drooling dogs?  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Africa’s New Friend China Financing $9.3 Billion of Dams for Hydropower

Why John Bogle Is Upbeat About Stocks

NutriSystem Update…Unhealthy?

James Grant (and Roger Lowenstein) in praise of Sylvia Nassar’s new book Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius.  (WSJBusinessweek)

Gobi Vacation

NewPage Bankruptcy Filing

Google Buys Zagat to Bolster Local Services (Bloombergsee also Zagat Gives Google Street Cred (WSJ)

Ray Dalio Returns 25% as Markets Convulse (Bloomberg)

If 4.12% Mortgages Don’t Spur Home Buying, What Will? (MarketBeat)

Hedge Fund Positions for Q2 2011

The ironic Ichan cigar butt and other piles of cash

Industry Ranks September 2011

Merger Arbitrage Mondays – September 05, 2011

Market mayhem: winners and losers

Obama Plan Could Add 2% to U.S. GDP in 2012

French Banks Poised for Moody’s Downgrade

Fannie and Freddie Regulator Considering Obama’s Mortgage Plan 

Biggest Overhaul of Patent System Since 1952 Passes Senate

Canada Suffers Surprise Job Losses

Nouriel Roubini: Invest in Cash