Sunday Link-Fest


Book of the week: The Great A&P and the Struggle for Small Business in America

Wikileaks Reveals Early Chinese Warning Of Domestic Asset Bubbles, Overcapacity, Bashing Of “Copy And Paste” Educational System

Dividend Stocks are Not Popular

EGI Financial

Death of a Salesman? Think Again

A Serious Situation in Jackson Hole

Sysco Stock Analysis

Wall Street Goes Down on the Farm for Real Dirt

When the legendary founder leave…

With 181 Hedge Fund Holders, Apple Is The Most Widely Held “Smart Money” Stock

Living to 100 and Beyond

Steven Romick on Microsoft

Abbott Laboratories: Industry-Leading Growth for Free

BYD: The F3 looks like a Toyota Corolla with a BMW logo. Would you buy a car

The 3 Percent Solution

made in China?

More grist to the Magic Formula mill

Buffett and Bank of America: Playing Poker with Patsies…

Grant’s Summer Break 2011 issue

Action At GTSI

Tiny (nano cap) Deep Value Companies

Lagarde Urges Recapitalization of Europe’s Banks

Facebook Comes Before Tap Water as India’s Poor Get Smartphones

Insider Weekends – August 26, 2011

‘Diamond’ Planet Found Orbiting Dead Star

BlackRock Seeks to Run Exchange-Traded Funds Using Own Indexes

Groupon reaching for lower quality merchants to drive sales.  (Felix Salmon)

Check out the surge in oil rigs drilling for oil in the US.  (Real Time Economics,Modeled Behavior)

There is one group of companies that are happy when markets go crazy:  the exchanges.  (NYTimes)

From Green to Red – Is Credit Crunch 2.0 Imminent?

Peapack-Gladstone Financial

10 Ways to Improve Your Investment Process – #5. Improve Your Search Strategy

Sweet transition for Smucker scion…

The US is not Japan, but there are some Similarities

Sunday Spectacle CXXXVII

Why Buying Back Stock Isn’t Always the Best Use of Capital

Tudor’s new fee structures [WSJ]

On getting long Bank of America (BAC) [Bronte Capital]

Innovating your way from inventions

Halo Effect Puts Shine on Apple, Buffett