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Founder and CEO of ValueWalk.com (the “Site”) is a web site owned by VALUEWALK LLC, a New Jersey limited liability corporation. I am the former VP of business Development of SumZero, LLC, the world’s largest community I have prior experience in a value based pe firm focused on PIPE transactions in micro-cap companies, and at a value based research firm, which focused on smid caps.

  • Stanley

    Seems to me like a person who perfects the buy low, sell high  approach.

    and  may have had randomness favoring him a few times as well in recent times.  


  • Jacob Wolinsky

    Btw it is $2B, and your right he aint a small guy by any means.

    Of course the big guys get the best deals, but unless you are an activist investor, it much easier to get good returns with 100k than with 20 billion. Klarman is returning money to shareholders now, and Buffett has stated that returns on Berkshire’s investment portfolio will not be as good in the future.

    I think Bass did lose weight. I barely recognized him.

  • Carl

    Bass does have a point here. The little guys always get screwed. Btw, did Bass loss weight ?

  • Anonymous

    Kinda seems like he’s whining, I mean, if he’s running $2mm he aint exactly a little guy, not by any definition of the term ever used in the history of language…

    That being said, is it any surprise the biggest funds get the best deals?  Is this news or something?

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