• Anonymous

    I hope you’re right, that would be an amazing opportunity.

  • Mizar Profit

    Rentier’s Contract: Start Earning on your Savings

    The emergence of financial conglomerates is the unavoidable
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    Big players by necessity must standardize. We believe that
    standardization of service clashes with the needs and aspirations of an
    increasing number of well-informed investors. We have chosen to build a
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    We strive to be a sounding board for our clients’ investment ideas,
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  • Nicehall

    Nice work… but you failed to mention we’re currently in a secular bear market, and before all is said and done we’ll probably reach around 500 on the S & P. At the very least we’ll revisit the 2009 lows. So as long as you have a 10+ year time horizon you’ll probably be okay.

  • http://valuewalk.com Jacob Wolinsky

    Thank you Rob!

  • http://arichlife.passionsaving.com RobBennett

    That was a nicely balanced article, Jacob. Thanks.

    I was especially pleased to see the link to the AAII criticism of the P/E10 metric. I am a big-time believer in P/E10. But it is a new tool that needs to be examined in great depth by many people before we can place our full confidence in it. So I want to look at that AAII article closely.

    Super article!


  • Mira

    Wonderful article, thank you. Can you do a historic ROE (return on equity) chart of the S&P 500 I think that will bring more clarity to the judging of the over/undervaluation of the market according to P/B.

  • Basuradechris

    Regarding your comment towards the end I completely agree that low interest rates make stocks more attractive.  This is less talked about than simple comparisons to historical average valuations.  Attractiveness relative to alternative investment options may matter as much as attractiveness relative to average valuations. It seems a low return time period is coming for yield based investments such as stocks, bonds, and real estate.  But we have to put our money somewhere.  If all our investments do is keep pace with inflation, is that really so bad?  In the end it is probably a good thing.  It will make us get our butts out there and improve the world for a living!  Let’s go!

  • Kelpie-Capital


    Useful big picture summary.

  • Cs Priya123

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