I will be tweeting tomorrow, and Wednesday from the Value Investing Congress. Follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/valuewalk or go to twitter.com and  type in user name valuewalk .

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I will be giving you live updates on the conference. What the speakers are talking about. I also might be interviewing Some of the speakers including possibly David Einhorn, and Bill Ackman. So please follow me to hear all the latest news.

This years great line up includes:

Bill Ackman

Pershing Square

David Einhorn

Greenlight Capital

J Kyle Bass

Hayman Capital

Amitabh Singhi

Surefin Investments

Francisco Garcia Paramès

Bestinver Assest Management

Alexander Roepers

Atlantic Investment Management

Michael Lewitt

Harch Capital Management

Glenn H. Tongue

T2 Partners