Securities In An Insecure World, A Lecture by Benjamin Graham

Security Analysis
Benjamin Graham

By co-blogger Sandesh Trivedi

Here is the original typewritten text of a speech Benjamin Graham gave in San Francisco one week before John F. Kennedy was assassinated. In this brilliant presentation, Graham explores how an investor should go about determining whether the market is overvalued, how to tell what asset allocation is right for you, and how to pick stocks wisely. This speech is a rare opportunity to see the workings of Graham’s mind in the raw.


Either you can view it in PDF form or as a scribd document. For best viewing in Scribd  click on Fullscreen and then click the zoom in icon. Benjamin Graham speech from San Francisco, 1963 (PDF)
Securities In An Insecure World, A Lecture by Benjamin Graham, delivered at Town Hall, St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA, November 15, 1963.

Benjamin Graham Speech From San Francisco, 1963

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